People who make a complaint to us

When we receive a complaint from a person, we record this information in a complaints file, containing the details of the complaint. This typically includes the identity of the complainant and any other individuals involved in the complaint.

We will only use the personal information we collect to process the complaint and to check on the level of service our members, and SPATA provides. We do compile and publish statistics showing information of complaints we receive, but not in a form which identifies anyone and these will only be shared internally.

We usually have to disclose the complainant’s identity to whomever the complaint is about. This is inevitable where, for example, the service by a member of SPATA is in dispute. If a complainant does not want information identifying him or her to be disclosed, we will try to respect that. However, it may not be possible to handle a complaint on an anonymous basis.

There may be occasions, when SPATA shares details of a complaint with Hampshire County Council Trading Standards personnel, as part of the ongoing Primary Authority Partnership. For more information, please see Hampshire County Council’s Privacy Policy.

We will keep personal information contained in complaints files in line with our retention policy. This means that information relating to a complaint will be retained for two years from closure. It will be kept in a secure environment, and access to it will be restricted according to the ‘need to know’ principle.

Similarly, where enquiries are submitted to us, we will only use the information supplied to us to deal with the enquiry and any subsequent issues and to check on the level of service our members, and SPATA provides.