The World Cup, Tennis at Wimbledon and a Heat Wave are on their way – Celebrate with Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Fun!

As the temperature rises and sporty celebrations begin, the UK Wet Leisure Trade Associations SPATA and BISHTA offer advice for healthy water fun!

Essential Tips to Celebrate with Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Fun!

Warm weather and the celebrations of the World Cup and the tennis at Wimbledon commence, and what better place to cool off, chill-out and relax than an inviting swimming pool or bubbling hot tub?

Across Britain, people will be moving their lives’ outdoors choosing to spend their weekends sunbathing, entertaining, barbecuing and relaxing in the garden. And the popularity of owning a swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa, is on the rise!

Swimming pool ownership ranks in the top ten status symbols in the UK and hot tubs once seen as the ultimate in tackiness, have become the latest must-have accessory in British gardens. With the arrival to the marketplace, in recent years, of the swim spa (which provides the best of both – swimming and hydrotherapy), people of the UK are making their gardens the perfect place to enjoy healthy sociable lifestyles.

There are an estimated 240,000 in-ground and (top end) above ground residential pools in the UK; the opportunities for water recreation right at home are plentiful. However so, too, are the chances of water-related mishaps.

SPATA (The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) and BISHTA (The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) are encouraging all pool and spa users to play safe in the warm weather and to avoid any danger, while playing in or near water.

Swimming and hydrotherapy are easy and fun ways for families to spend time together, stay active and it is an excellent way to encourage children to be sporty and fit from a young age as well as time to relax and unwind. However, more time spent in the water also means being more safety conscious.

Suggestions for safety in and around the pool:

  1. Always supervise children in and around the pool. Teach them to keep away from the pool edge and only to go in when they are told they can do so.
  2. It is tempting to allow your children to go in and out of the pool as they choose.  However, where water is concerned, supervision is essential, and you need to be fully alert continually to check swimmers, even older ones, when the pool is in use.
  3. Ensure that your family and friends know what to do if there is an emergency.  Having a telephone near the poolside is advisable.
  4. Diving into water can be risky, so only do so, where the pool design allows for this and where the swimmer is competent.
  5. Ensure that drinks are supplied in suitable non-breakable containers (not glass) and food is kept away from the pool.

Hot tubs and swim spas are an oasis of enjoyment and relaxation with many therapeutic benefits which will give owners many years of good service when looked after properly. As with many products potential risks can arise, particularly if a product is misused or neglected, but there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure your hot tub or swim spa is kept safe, both when in use and when it is empty.

Suggestions for safely using hot tubs and swim spas:

  1. Always use a cover the when the hot tub/swim spa is not in use to prevent unauthorised access to the water. Never use with the cover in place over the heads of bathers.
  2. If the hot tub is to be used at night, always use the underwater light so that bathers can clearly see their safe entry point into and out of the water, and ensure that the access route(s) between the house and the hot tub are clearly lit as well.
  3. It is recommended to bathe with at least one other person in a hot tub, in the event that if one person gets into any difficulty, the other can assist or raise the alarm.
  4. Never put your head underwater in a hot tub, or allow another bather to do so. The high water temperature can potentially lead to loss of consciousness.
  5. Never use a hot tub when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) and The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) are the respective trade associations for swimming pools and hot tubs/swim spas in the UK, setting the Standards for contractors and suppliers.

If you are a pool or spa owner or looking to buy, the UK wet leisure trade associations are on hand to offer you advice and guidance. Visit them at; /


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