2017 BP&HT AWARDS – Paul Kite Award for Pool Star of the Year

Paul Kite Award for Pool Star of the Year


Jason Beirne

London Swimming Pool Company

This trainee pool designer is one of our most talented and ambitious young professionals this company has employed.  He joined the business as a servicing engineer, where he shone, developing good client relationships and delivering excellent service for 15 months. Through his contact with this companies pool designers, he became fascinated with the intricacies of designing pools and made an impassioned case to be re-trained as a pool designer. While Servicing was sorry to lose him; this company wanted to retain such an enthusiastic, energetic and ambitious employee. He began his pool designer apprenticeship 18 months ago and is already deeply involved in the design and build of luxury pools and was involved in the design of this companies first outdoor stainless steel pool which has just won an industry award. 

When he joined the pool design team he had no formal pool design qualifications or experience, however, he was bursting with enthusiasm and energy and was determined to work and study hard to gain the necessary skills and qualifications. His pool servicing background is a benefit, as he has the core understanding of the type of tasks required, and a good appreciation of what it takes to design a high specification pool.

He has furthered his technical training by obtaining extensive training both during and outside working hours. In addition to his technical education, he continues to receive on the job guidance and mentoring from the senior designers: he is learning more about sizing plant including ductwork, equipment and the facets needed from a design and, equally important, what is not!

The next phase of his training will develop his understanding of building practices and regulations, and expand his practical knowledge to hone his drawing techniques. The head of design steers his training and development and takes him to client design meetings to expose him to the ‘design team experience’ to show how to manage such meetings so that he can handle these in the future.

Through his passion and tenacity, he has very quickly become an integral part of the design team and proved himself an invaluable asset. He is highly regarded by the team (and wider company), who describe him as a quick learner who helps to take the pressure off a very busy team. He is always eager to help sort out technical problems, no matter how niggling and small they may be – he understands that getting even the smallest component wrong can impact the design. He is extremely diplomatic in dealing with differences of opinions that arise with external parties working on projects.

Not only is he committed to becoming a first class pool designer, but he also takes great interest and pride in the company.