Peace of Mind

Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) members are committed to providing customers with a first class service and peace of mind. SPATA members include pool construction companies and suppliers which provide filtration, heating, water treatment systems, pool covers, pool enclosures and pool equipment, for instance.

As part of the SPATA membership, contractors are provided with a comprehensive set of standards to provide guidance on pool construction standards expected by industry experts.

Only pool installation companies that have been trading for at least three years can apply for full installer membership. All SPATA pool builder members will be part of an inspection programme to periodically check on the quality of the work undertaken.

Occasionally, there may be unusual aspects of the project where a supplier requests advance payment for a major item of equipment which needs to be specially purchased. In these circumstances, the appropriate sum can be paid by the customer into the Stakeholder Account where it would remain until delivery was imminent, or returned in the event of the contractor failing to deliver.

The SPATA Stakeholder Account service is free to both SPATA members and their customers and is funded from interest accrued by SPATA while the funds are held in the account. Experience has shown that it is an effective way of dealing with the transfer of large sums of money and underpinning the confidence of both parties. A written agreement must be signed by both parties before the money is transferred to SPATA.

SPATA Stakeholder Account

The majority of swimming pool installation contracts run without a hitch from start to finish. However, to provide additional reassurance at all stages of the project that the work will be completed once the contract fee, or an agreed portion of it, has been paid, they can take advantage of the SPATA Stakeholder Account.

SPATA has developed the stakeholder account facility as an independent holding account designed to give complete peace of mind to the customer, and to assure the SPATA contractor that finance is available to cover the project costs. The agreed balance due to the contractor would be paid into the account and only released upon satisfactory completion of the work, ensuring complete security for both the customer and the SPATA contractor. In the unlikely event of a dispute regarding what constitutes satisfactory completion, it is also possible for the matter to be decided by an independent Mediator appointed through SPATA.

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