As Britain basks in warm weather, SPATA encourages bathers to swim safely at home

With Britain basking in temperatures as high as 29 degrees this week, Brits are choosing to spend their weekends sunbathing and entertaining the children at outdoor public pools. Some people are lucky enough to have a pool in their garden so water fun is literally on the doorstep.

SPATA (The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) is encouraging all pool users to play safe in the lovely warm weather and avoid any water danger.

Swimming is an easy and fun way for families to spend time together, keep active and it’s a great way to encourage children to be sporty and fit from a young age. However, being more active in the pool also means being more safety conscious.

When hitting the pool this summer ensure you are swimming safely, whether it’s in your back garden, at your local pool or on holiday abroad.

Suggestions for safety in and around the pool:

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Always supervise children in and around the pool
  3. Do not dive into water that is less than 1.5 metres deep
  4. Ensure family and friends know what to do in an emergency
  5. Never swim in unsupervised areas such as old flooded quarry pits, rivers, canals and reservoirs.

Five Essential Safety Items for Children:

  • Buoyancy aids designed to give a degree of independence, but under strict supervision. Available as arm bands, swim vests and float boards.
  • Baby swim seats let the baby sit properly supported in the water and able to kick freely.
  • Costumes with pockets contain removable floats designed for children 30 months and over.
  • Swim shoes protect children’s feet from slipping on wet floor or stubbing toes against the edge of the pool.
  • One-piece water suits for children; gives young skin a protection factor of 50+ wet or dry.

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) and The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) are the respective trade associations for swimming pools and hot tubs in the UK, setting the Standards for contractors and suppliers to make usage safe.

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