Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics can be a valuable way of positively differentiating SPATA members from other companies in our industry.  This helps to give consumer confidence, that you are dealing with reputable companies who also work to SPATA standards.

The SPATA members, Code of Ethics are set out below.

  1. At all times to trade ethically both with the public generally and the industry in particular.
  1. At all times to abide by the Rules and Byelaws of the Association and to comply with these Swimming Pool Standards in the provision of swimming pools, ancillary equipment, and other goods, services or equipment allied or adjacent to the construction and installation.
  1. Generally to quote in accordance with these Standards (in the absence of any other Standards specifically laid down in an invitation to tender).
  1. To comply generally in all respects with the Consumer Protection Regulations (such as Consumer Rights Act), and any other subsequent Acts amending or replacing the same so far as goods of the Members own manufacture are concerned. To operate at all times in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations, Electrical, Gas, Oil and Water Regulations and the general obligations regarding the duty of care established in the case of law over many years.
  1. To install all equipment according to Manufacturer’s Instructions or Recommendations and all relevant Legislation and Codes of Practice. To recognise deviation from these recommendations, without approval, will transfer responsibility to the installer.
  1. To advertise and market so that the validity and extent of the products and services advertised and offered by the Company is fully understood by the prospective client, and at no time to use the technique of ‘selling up’. And at all times to comply with requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority.
  1. Where a kit for constructing or erecting a pool is supplied either direct to a member of the public, or to a pool contractor, there shall be supplied sufficient specifications, instructions, working drawings, and information generally, as to the proper construction or erecting of that pool and the installation of any equipment to be used therewith, according to SPATA Standards and together with an offer of supervision of the works (at a fee if such supervision is required).
  1. Not unjustifiably to be derogatory in any way about a competitors products or services.
  1. To use one’s best endeavours to fulfil all contractual obligations.
  1. To offer a reasonable warranty of products and services and to perform on such warranties, where justifiable claims are made, with reasonable expedition.
  1. At no time, knowingly to do any act that could reasonably be construed as bringing any Member Company into disrepute and consequently the industry generally and the Association in particular.