New Year’s Resolution Number One: Treat Yourself Better!

Whether swimming in a swimming pool or lounging in a hot tub of your very own, it starts with the right choice. The UK wet leisure trade associations SPATA and BISHTA are on hand to help!

TANBYWEBOnce again it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution, so this year, why not take up an activity that’s truly beneficial. 

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA)  the trade association for swimming pools are encouraging the UK to start their new year getting water active!

Owning a swimming pool provides the chance to get fit in the water and stay active throughout the year. The winter months are the perfect time for researching and planning a new home addition, which would mean a dream pool, could be installed before the summer.

For those looking for something to soothe limbs and muscles or are working with space limitations, a hot tub or combination swim spa may be more fitting.

With the increased popularity of hot tubs in the UK, weighing up the options of exercise over hydrotherapy may be a consideration…pool, hot tub or both?

The thought of relaxing in a hot tub at home is an excellent idea, but your children may be rooting for a pool? Hot tub or pool — it’s a difficult choice. Before coming to a decision, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons. Careful planning is essential when  thinking of landscaping a back garden with this type of specialty installation. Either way, it’s a challenging project to tackle, but help is on hand from SPATA and BISHTA (the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association).

Each year SPATA and BISHTA showcase the very best swimming pools, hot tubs, and swim spas with the British Pool and Hot Tub Awards. The awards take place at SPATEX the UK’s number one swimming pool and spa exhibition with over one hundred exhibitors, from the UK and abroad, SPATEX brings together under one roof, the country’s largest showcase of new products and innovations. The show represents all sectors of the wet leisure industry, including saunas, hydrotherapy, steam rooms and children’s play equipment, in both the domestic and commercial arena. Primarily a trade show, it also welcomes members of the public from Sunday 1st to Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

There’s a solution for every budget and the security of purchase which comes from buying from a SPATA or BISHTA member, who follow standards of practice and a code of ethics.

So why not kickoff  the New Year with a resolution to treat yourself better? Whatever your age there is no denying that water brings a lifetime of enjoyment!






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