10 Inspirational Ways to Integrate a Beautiful Swimming Pool into your Life

10 Inspirational Ways to Integrate a Beautiful Swimming Pool into your Life

SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) provides inspirational ideas via their Members showcasing some of the 2014 award winners.

Let Water be Your Playground

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As Britain looks forward to a predicted Indian summer, the attraction of cooling off in an inviting stretch of water is overwhelming for many people and helps keep feelings of summertime relaxation and healthy living alive.

Pool ownership is on the rise, with an estimated 240,000 in-ground and (top end) above ground residential pools in the UK with swimming poolownership ranking in the top ten-status symbols throughout Britain, becoming the latest ‘must-have’ feature in British homes and gardens.

People in the UK are making their homes and gardens the perfect place to enjoy healthy, sociable lifestyles. Diving into the inviting waters of a swimming pool at home is one of life’s great pleasures. So how do prospective purchasers ensure they get a seamless integration of their dream pool their homes and gardens, complementing their property and the surrounding landscape?

The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) provides inspirational ideas via their Members, showcasing some of the 2014 award winners.

(Image ref: A3A) XL Pools 1. A perfectly placed and designed swimming pool can fit a garden space to provide a feature, which enhances its surroundings. The overall layout and combination of outdoor living space provides a tranquil, idyllic poolside space, perfect for entertaining and enjoying family time.

(Image ref: B3A) Rio Pool Construction Company 2. Extending your living space into your garden can be great for relaxing and entertaining! This pool provides an unobtrusive and sympathetic design, complementing the surrounding landscape – no bright colours and minimal paving!

(Image ref: C1B) Deep End Pools 3. Swimming pools require an amount of equipment that needs to be housed somewhere. This example shows a well-placed pool in a split level garden, with the plant room equipment beautifully hidden in the garden house, which adds to the setting, as a feature.

(Image ref: E4B) John Preston Pool & Spa Services – http://www.johnpreston.info  4. Adding a swimming pool to your home will provide a major feature, designed to your lifestyle, with countless health benefits. This pool shell and pool hall is designed and constructed to enhance the building and the pool through; layout, feature lighting and the combination of lots of natural light. This pool is an amazing feature when the evenings and days are dark, with the flexibility to open back the pool hall doors and enjoy the light and air of the outdoors in the summer months.

(Image ref: A2B) Harris Pools & Leisure – http://www.harrispools.co.uk  5. For those who love the alfresco lifestyle, mixing and matching a range of wet leisure products can provide the ultimate outdoor environment for any season. This combination offers the homeowner a space to capitalise on the marvellous view, whether exercising, relaxing or entertaining friends and family.

(Image ref: A1B) Cheshire Wellness – http://www.cheshire-spas-pools.co.uk  6. The classic crisp styling of this pool fits perfectly with the clean garden design, creating a modern, uncomplicated feel which compliments the house and its surroundings. When choosing the right pool contractor, ask to see examples of their finished projects and ask questions about the types of pool construction they offer and how this fits in with your requirements.

(Image ref: B7A) Portrait Pools & Enclosures – http://www.portraitpools.com  7. If you want it all, why not combine all of your desired features into your ultimate dream pool? It is important to ensure the build of the pool integrates all of the specialist elements together, as solving technical problems after completion could be difficult, disruptive and expensive. The build must be right from the outset, so it is vital to appoint a professional swimming pool designer or architect with specialist experience in this area.

(Image ref: D2B) Spruce Pools – http://www.sprucepools.co.uk  8. The design of this swimming pool is unobtrusive and sympathetic to the surrounding landscape, delivering a pool that blends seamlessly into its environment. Ensure your chosen swimming pool position benefits from maximum exposure to sunlight. Avoid trees and other foliage which could overshadow the pool, or shed leaves and other debris into it.

(Image ref: E11B) Rigo Spa – http://www.rigospa.com  9. Maximising space is key! This example shows a pool shell and pool hall designed to incorporate the crisp minimalistic features of the house. The seamless integration of the pool and pool hall is further enhanced by the cohesion of a high-gloss stretched ceiling, enriching the space with reflection and light!

(Image ref: O2B) Rockingham Swimming Pools – http://www.rockinghampools.co.uk  10. This swimming pool is situated within the house and is designed and built with low-energy consumption and sustainability in mind. The pool itself has an air source heat pump environmental control system, variable speed filtration pump, LED lighting, high insulated pool cover, cartridge filters and pre-filter to reduce water consumption and power usage monitors installed. A salt chlorinator has also been fitted to reduce chemical usage. Combined to provide a swimming pool which demonstrates exceptional green credentials and looks stunning both by day and also in the hours of darkness, thanks to the dramatic lighting in the pool and pool hall.

When considering adding a swimming pool or spa to a home, there are an enormous number of products to choose from in the UK market. Buyers should consider whether they want to have a safety device included in their pool build, such as a cover, enclosure, pool fence and an alarm. Any of these features will enhance the protection of a swimming pool, but actively supervising the pool whilst in use is key.

Time spent in planning a dream pool is never wasted, this helps to safeguard a build “wish list” against the planned budget. Any easy pointer is; the larger the pool dimensions are, the more expensive it will be to build and the larger the volume of water it will contains means that the operating costs will be greater. Choose a contractor with care. Do they build to industry standards and will they behave ethically?

Buy with Confidence As the UK trade association for swimming pools, spas, sauna and steam, SPATA works tirelessly to ensure that it provides a service that consumers can rely on to put them in contact with reputable companies who provide superior service. The companies work to industry standards, based on legislation and Codes of Practice, together with a Code of Ethics. Buying from SPATA member should ensure that consumers get the best advice and find the item they wish to purchase that suits their needs and budget requirements.

A well planned and installed pool, or spa will give years of pleasure to the owner, their family and friends and should enhance health and enjoyment for all users. Pool or spa owners looking to refurbish or upgrade, or customer’s looking to buy a pool will find help from the UK wet leisure trade associations who are on hand to offer advice and guidance. Visit https://www.spata.co.uk.

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