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Here is some useful information before you begin your entry!

Please use this form for each entry.
Please note: that you will not be able to save and come back to your entry, so please have everything at hand, including your digital photo files to help save time.

This form is to be used for entry into all pool/spa categories, please note that separate forms are to be used for the categories relating to the Peter Geekie Award and the Paul Kite Award.

The awards are judged anonymously, all reference to your company details will be remove before judging takes place.

Please note: that the entry must comply with SPATA Standards and where it is found that this is not the case, the entry will be disqualified from the competition.

Please ensure that all relevant categories include at least one plant room image, otherwise the judges will penalise the entry (and it may be withdrawn from the competition).

You may pay for the same pool to be entered into as many categories as you wish, but the same pool can only be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze once in the same year. Entry Requirements


A minimum of one and a maximum of three images of the pool, with a minimum of one and a maximum of two images of the finished (and completed) plant room. The photos should be showing a different angle/aspect of the entry. The digital images should be of high resolution (300 dpi or more).

FOUR ENTRIES per category can be submitted, to ensure that members can demonstrate the quality of their projects.  However, to maximise the PR for as many companies as possible SPATA has introduced the rule that a company can only win a maximum of TWO awards per category.

Please note that previous entries can be resubmitted (unless they have won a Gold, Silver or Bronze award with that entry).  However, if the same pool is entered into more than one category, it will only be able to win one award in total.

Deadline for entry is Friday 11th November 2016.  Entries received after 5pm on this date above cannot be entered into the competition. No entries will be entered after this date, as processing will commence immediately for judging.

Please read the guidance notes prior to application. Click below to download the SPATA Guidance Notes.


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